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But the way to attain this is an issue of debate. A number of our authors advocate for actual consequences for schools which fall short, while others fear that the repair can be worse than the issue. Education Post supports reforms which want to answer these queries, but you will come across a vast array of perspectives expressed here. In addition, we support powerful charter colleges . Charter schools are public schools, and they're available to all kids alike. Children of colour who reside in metropolitan areas have a tendency to perform much better at charter schools than they do at conventional district-run schools. We encourage school responsibility . We believe public schools need to prepare and educate all children, irrespective of race, income or ability. We think the objective of each school needs to be to prepare every child for school and career, and people all think it's possible since there are public colleges facing enormous adversity that nevertheless afford to do it daily. But in a few areas where charter schools are not held to a greater pub or are permitted to run suspicious practices, we question them to set the requirements of kids and families over all else. Our authors handle three of their most pressing questions confronting our colleges: Education Post attempts to increase the voices of the men and women who matter most in the movement to enhance schools: parents, children along with teachers.

  • How can we know when our colleges are great enough?
  • What exactly can people do if they are not?
  • How can we make sure that all kids have access to schools that are great?

We've assembled a nationwide community of schooling advocates who observe victories, telephone out obstacles, and discuss in defense of desired reforms through videos, blogs, op-eds and general appearances.